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Airduct Sanitize Applications

Universal Duct Cleaning offers a sanitizing treatment that eliminates a wide variety of bacteria and viruses. This hospital grade disinfectant consists of an EPA registered solution that keeps your home clean and free from Viruses and germs.

According to the EPA, sanitizing is reducing the number of germs on surfaces by at least 99.9%. Disinfecting takes this a step further by killing 99.999% of germs on surfaces if allowed to sit visibly wet on the surface for at least 50 minutes.

Make your home a safer place by calling Universal Duct Cleaning today! Ask us if sanitizing treatments would help in your home.

Why Sanitize Your Homes Airducts?

Material is labeled to kill on contact many forms of viruses

Rodents can leave behind urine

The air you breathe comes from your airduct lines

Clean Home Air

Air Duct Sanitizing Treatment

Duct Sanitation – Universal Star Duct Cleaning™

If your ducts are filled with dust or dirt, our specialized HEPA vacuums and cleaning systems are sufficient to return your house to cleanliness.

However, if extensive airborne contaminants, mildew, or bacteria are infesting your ducts, simply removing the visible matter may not be enough. Floods, vermin infestations, and other natural disasters can cause your duct work to become contaminated in such a way that may require sanitation.

Mostly, Universal Star Duct Cleaning™ offers these expert sanitation services in a way that is both effective for decontamination and safe for you and your family.

What Is Duct Sanitation & Why Is Air Duct Sanitizing Important?

Sanitation involves applying an antimicrobial chemical to kill bacteria and/or airborne contaminants and to minimize the chance of re-contamination. However, unlike spraying your kitchen counter or cleaning your bathroom sink, duct sanitation must be done with care and only when necessary to kill excessive microbial growth. At Universal Star Duct Cleaning™, our technicians take the utmost care to sanitize only in safe and effective ways. Some of these include:

  • Recommending sanitation only when mechanical cleaning is insufficient to prevent bacteria or airborne contaminants from becoming a health hazard (e.g. after flood or sewage contamination, vermin infestations, etc.)
  • Using only EPA-approved chemicals.
  • Using such chemicals only as prescribed.
  • Sanitizing only metal ducts and other non-porous parts of your HVAC system.
  • Maintaining proper ventilation.
  • Advising the homeowner about the specific pest the sanitation is designed to protect against.
  • Advising the homeowner about any protective actions they need to take, such as leaving the house during the chemical application.

If you’ve experienced a moisture problem or infestation that’s introduced harmful bacteria or airborne contaminants growth into your airways, don’t wait. Such microbes can cause serious health problems for you and your family. Call us today for the Tidewater area’s best duct sanitation services at (757) 962-0419.

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