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smoking problem in air ducts at home

Duct Cleaning for Homes With Smokers: Removing Tar and Nicotine Buildup

By Universal Duct Cleaning / July 15, 2024

Is the lingering smell of cigarette smoke making your home feel less than fresh, even long after the last cigarette was put out? Air quality and possibly your health will be affected by tar and nicotine build up in air ducts for homes with smokers. Tar and nicotine buildup is a cause of indoor pollution […]

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dirty ventilation air duct

Common Air Duct Issues in Humid Climates and How to Address Them

By Universal Duct Cleaning / July 8, 2024

Humid climates, especially in Virginia pose unique challenges for air duct systems, often leading to issues that can compromise indoor comfort and air quality. Universal Duct Cleaning, a leading provider of air duct cleaning services, understands the difficulties of maintaining HVAC systems in these environments. From condensation on ducts to overworked condensers and heat-related problems […]

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rodent sneaking in

Air Duct Cleaning: A Preventative Measure Against Rodent Infestations

By Universal Duct Cleaning / June 20, 2024

Imagine this: You’re relaxing at home, enjoying a quiet evening of Netflix. Suddenly, you hear a faint scratching sound coming from your walls. Curious, you pause the TV and listen again – the scratching persists. You cautiously approach the wall, pressing your ear against it to pinpoint the source. Your heart sinks as you suspect […]

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a commercial air duct in office buildings

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

By Universal Duct Cleaning / June 14, 2024

When it comes to maintaining healthy indoor air quality, both residential and commercial properties require regular air duct cleaning. However, the approach to cleaning these two types of properties differs significantly. The scope, safety standards, frequency, and equipment used in residential and commercial air duct cleaning vary based on the unique characteristics of each setting. […]

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air duct vent on floor method to grab toys

The Environmental Benefits of Getting your Air Ducts Cleaned

By Universal Duct Cleaning / June 10, 2024

Having clean ducts carries with it environmental benefits and is a key part of green living. Clean ducts have a significant impact on energy consumption and waste production. This is where having a good relationship with a professional air duct cleaning company comes into play. By addressing this often-overlooked aspect of home maintenance, we can […]

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ventilation cleaning air duct diy

Top 5 Products Professional Ventilation Cleaners Should Use

By Universal Duct Cleaning / May 30, 2024

Professional ventilation cleaners rely on high-quality products to ensure thorough cleaning and maintain healthy indoor air quality. Choosing the right cleaning solutions can make a significant difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. Universal Duct Cleaning, a leading HVAC company in Hampton Roads, Virginia, recommends five top products that every professional ventilation cleaner […]

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common mistakes when cleaning air duct vent

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Ventilation Cleaning

By Universal Duct Cleaning / May 22, 2024

Maintaining a clean and efficient ventilation system is crucial for ensuring healthy indoor air quality and optimal HVAC performance. However, even with the best intentions, many homeowners and professionals make common mistakes during the cleaning process that can hinder the effectiveness of their efforts. These oversights can lead to decreased system efficiency, increased energy costs, […]

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air filters on allergens installation in norfolk

The Surprising Impact of Air Filters on Allergens in Norfolk

By Universal Duct Cleaning / May 9, 2024

Want to stay in Norfolk for good but don’t want to trigger allergies and respiratory issues? Norfolk’s air is filled with a variety of allergens that can make life uncomfortable for those with allergies or respiratory issues. Air filters can play a crucial role in reducing these allergens and improving indoor air quality. Universal Duct […]

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kids toys stuck in air duct vent

Ideas on How to Get a Toy Out of a Vent

By Universal Duct Cleaning / April 23, 2024

You can try using a wire hanger, suction, or reach-in methods to remove toys from your home vents yourself. If this fails calling a professional toy retriever sounds like a better idea. But regardless of the method of choice, getting those toys out of the ducts is essential to avoid airflow issues. Whether it’s a […]

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air duct house installation during the summer

7 Benefits of Getting Your Ducts Cleaned Before Summer

By Universal Duct Cleaning / April 18, 2024

Since summer is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider having your air ducts cleaned. Cleaning your ducts can offer a breadth of benefits, from fresher air and reduced energy bills to AC efficiency and pest control which is all perfect right before our hottest months. By addressing issues like dust […]

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