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What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts?

By Lark / September 21, 2021 / Comments Off on What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts?

Air ducts are an essential part of your home. Thanks to the work of air ducts, the air in your home are constantly circulated from the cooling and heating systems.  The circulated air fills your living environment, including the air you and your family breathe. As a result, dirty air ducts can lead to a […]

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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

By Lark / September 1, 2021 / Comments Off on Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer is the most highly anticipated season of the year with many people yearning for the long and warm days to grace us after winter leaves us cold and wet. While summer can be full of fun and adventures it is also an important time to do some serious home maintenance tasks to protect your […]

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4 Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

By Lark / August 27, 2021 / Comments Off on 4 Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

Like every other part of your home, the ventilation system gathers dirt and debris over time. Just because you can’t see into your ducts, does not mean they aren’t dirty! On average, your home will need duct cleaning every 3 – 5 years but this is highly influenced by the home and the surrounding environment. […]

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How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts?

By Lark / August 23, 2021 / Comments Off on How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts?

Your ducts are the lungs of your home, acting as lines of passage for air to be move in, out and around your home. Assisting in-home ventilation, heating and cooling all air in your home will pass through your ducts at some point.  Ducts should be cleaned every 3 – 5 years by dust cleaning […]

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5 Top Dryer Maintenance Tips

By Lark / August 15, 2021 / Comments Off on 5 Top Dryer Maintenance Tips

Dryers are a staple in many households, a vital addition to many busy families. These life-saving machines are sturdy and easy to use. With proper care and maintenance, your trusty dryer can last you for years to come. Without the correct maintenance, dryers can become deadly with dryers being the leading cause of house fires. […]

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