4 Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

Like every other part of your home, the ventilation system gathers dirt and debris over time. Just because you can’t see into your ducts, does not mean they aren’t dirty!

On average, your home will need duct cleaning every 3 – 5 years but this is highly influenced by the home and the surrounding environment. You may need to clean ducts more often or after certain events in the home.

So how do you know whether your home needs duct cleaning? Here are 4 of the most common signs. 

1 Dusty Home

Even homes of the cleanest, tidiest and most perfect people still get dusty! Dust is usually handled by regular cleaning but if you find that no matter how much you wipe it away, dust is still settling on furniture in your home your ducts may be the cause.

Ducts that are dirty hold on to a lot of dust and when your ventilation, heating or cooling system kicks in they can blow all that accumulated dust out of the ducts and all over your freshly cleaned home.

Dust in the home can also be increased by construction or renovations. Debris from these events can sometimes be quite harmful so it’s best to rid your home of them soon after the work is completed.

Instead of going crazy vacuuming dust every single day, invest in some professional duct cleaning services.

2 Ongoing Mold Issues

Mold is often caused by moist areas with improper sunlight and ventilation. Mold spores in the home can cause respiratory issues if not resolved. 

Your first priority should be physically removing the mold and fixing the root cause of the mold, but if mold continues to return despite your best efforts dirty ducts could be harboring spores within the vents.

Not only are airborne mold spores dangerous, but spores can then be redistributed through your home to settle into visible mold once again.

Duct cleaning and sanitization can rid your home of mold for good.

3 Unexplained Poor Health

Dirty ducts can cause the home air to be filled of allergens, mold spores and/or dust. If you are regularly breathing in this stuffy air then it can cause cold or allergy symptoms such as blocked noses and sore throats. 

If you have ongoing symptoms and cannot identify any other causes, a duct cleaning service may be beneficial to keep your home’s air healthy for all.

4 Unreasonable Energy Costs

With blocked ducts, your home’s heating and cooling systems have to work overtime to fight past the clogged-up vents.

While your energy bill will differ through the year, blocked ducts may result in an unprecedented jump in energy costs and difficulty heat and/or cooling your home. This may also be presented in uneven airflow through the house.

Duct vent cleaning can get your home breathing while keeping the air around your healthy, saving you money and time.  Call our team to schedule an appointment today. 


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