Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer is the most highly anticipated season, with many people yearning for the long and warm days to grace us after winter leaves us cold and wet.

While summer can be full of fun and exciting weekends, it is also an important time to do some serious home maintenance tasks to protect your property from the joys of all seasons so it can be enjoyed for years to come!

1 Test Detectors

The changing of seasons is the perfect time to remind yourself to check on your safety detectors including your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

You should replace the battery early, despite no warning of a low battery to ensure you are never caught out. Also keep tabs on the approaching expiry date written on each alarm.

2 Clean Your Washer And Dryer

Winter time can be a big burden on your home appliances. Muddy, wet and cold conditions create more washing and short sunshine hours mean the dryer gets a real workout.

To keep your appliances running safely and efficiently give them some TLC with a deep clean – including all filters and dryer vents.

3 Clean Your Ducts

Cleaning your ducts at the start of summer means any pests or mould that found comfort in your home over winter are eradicated from the ventilation system meaning your family can breathe happily and healthily with the air conditioner running smoothly all summer long.

Contact a professional duct cleaning service for a deep clean of your ducts. For details on what this essential service might cost, explore our comprehensive guide on the costs of professional duct cleaning.

4 Maintain Your Yard

Summer is the time life will explode in your garden and without proper maintenance, it can get out of control quickly!

Grass, weeds and bugs will explode in the summer heat so regularly mowing, weeding and pest control will mean your yard doesn’t get away from you.

5 Service Your Deck 

Your outdoor areas are going to get a lot of use over the warmer months. Check that they are in tip-top condition with a deep power clean and a reseal or stain.

6 Powerwash Your Home Exterior 

Mold and mildew tend to grow rampant in the soggy winter months so as you emerge into summer your home’s exterior is likely due for a face lift. 

A good power wash can make your home look fresh and vibrant ready for summer fun (and protect it from rotting!)

7 Home Paint Job

Summer is the prime time to tend to any painting needed in, out, or around the house. Whether your home needs a few touch-ups or a total makeover, summer is the best season due to the warm and dry conditions.

This weather means that the paint will dry smoothly and quickly for a flawless finish!

8 Clean Out Gutters

Gutters are another area of the home that cops a beating over winter. Summer is the perfect time to tend to your gutter, as it can help it recover from spring rains, deal with summer storms, and prepare for the incoming fall.



Cleaning your ducts at the start of summer is crucial for air quality, especially considering the unique challenges posed by Hampton Roads’ coastal climate on ductwork and indoor air quality. Learn more about these specific impacts and how to manage them effectively.

If you’re looking for further information on air duct cleaning, contact us today.

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